I hate when people compare Gaga Royale to LadyxGaga,

I understand that we, basically, do the same work, but remember: we are here to support Lady Gaga, not to fight about who has a better blog, better edits or more followers. We aren’t jealous of LadyxGaga. In fact, we love them. Personally, I wouldn’t be following them if I hate them. People are just ridiculous. And it’s not our fault that the person who hacked them put Gaga Royale’s URL there, we are not computer geeks who waste their time hacking people for fun. We are just little monsters who are here to post about her 24/7, so you can always be informed. So, shut up if you don’t even know what’s happening.

  1. benitomartinez said: I agree. I follow both and I love both blogs. I don’t think people need to be comparing them
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